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freelance, free-spirited, always in search of 

new challenges in the not-dead world of print


Louise Brody is a freelance designer and editorial/art director. Born in London, raised in Pittsburgh, long-time resident in Paris, now living in Spain, she has been in love with books for as long as she can remember. Her father’s family had the most important publishing house and printing press in Budapest before the war and her grandmother was the art director. Her father studied to become a master printer before he switched to physics! Beautiful typography and art books were part of her childhood and heritage, and she knew from a very young age what profession she would chose.

Louise approaches her work with an eye for what the French call the “mise en page”. As in the theatre's mise en scène, this concept views the page as a kind of stage for visual information, in which the graphic elements – text blocks, images, colour, shapes – are arranged and presented, and in a sense, perform. 
Her books on artists, architects and photographers show an instinctive affinity for the work of each individual and a facility in finding the best way to set off their creations. And her designs for publications like Le Journal des Arts, L'ŒIL and the ICC annual brochure offer straightforward, clear solutions for hard-working, information-packed pages. Often responsible for choosing photographers, liaising with authors, collaborating closely on editorial decisions and overseeing proofing and printing, she is at ease with the whole creative and production chain in publishing. 

Louise is a firm believer in good design being at the service of content, and takes great pleasure in adapting her thinking and creativity to each specific project and client.

She has designed more than 100 books for a variety of leading British, American and French publishers, museums and international press, as well as working with private clients to produce publications for important events or to commemorate achievements. Early on in her career she conceived two books on Hollywood cinema icons, Leading Men and Leading Ladies; both were translated into several languages and sold over 250,000 copies.
More recently, Louise conceived and designed the book celebrating Shaun Leane’s iconic jewellery for ACC Art Books, directed and designed a publication celebrating Suzy Menkes’ 25 years of fashion journalism for the New York Times (formerly International Herald Tribune) and designed and produced the book for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to accompany the exhibition Jacqueline de Ribes, the Art of Style, published under her own label, lbdeditions.
Her motto is “print is not dead” and her appetite for new challenges has led her to create and realise her own projects. She lives with her architect husband in a "case study" house they designed on Spain's Costa Brava, filled with books, art and mid-century modern design from which she draws daily inspiration. 


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