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lbdeditions is an imprint created by the designer Louise Brody, dedicated to producing high-quality books on fashion, design, cinema, architecture, photography and more



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> lbdeditions produces bespoke books for institutions, publishing houses, luxury brands and private clients

> our team has been closely involved with all areas of cultural publication for many years

> we pride ourselves on adapting our thinking and creativity to the demands of each specific project

lbdeditions is proud to present “JACQUELINE DE RIBES”, published to accompany the exhibition at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Text by Harold Koda, Foreword by Diane Von Furstenberg, Photographs by Patricia Canino

This book catalogues the “eye” of one of the 20th century’s most photographed women of style through a selection of her couture collection, personal designs, “fashion collages,” and fancy dress costumes. Featuring striking photographs specially commissioned for this publication, it illustrates the tremendous sartorial creativity of a woman who has come to embody the notion of French elegance.

Countess Jacqueline de Ribes (born 1929 in Paris to aristocratic parents) is an independent spirit, who has channeled her creativity into a series of ventures linked by fashion, theater, and style. In 1956, de Ribes was nominated for Eleanor Lambert’s Best-Dressed List. At the time, she had only a handful of couture dresses, as most of her wardrobe was comprised of her own designs, which she made herself or with a dressmaker. Four more nominations followed, and resulted in her induction into the International Best-Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1962. In 1999, Jean Paul Gaultier dedicated his haute couture collection to her with the title “The Divine Jacqueline,” and in 2010, she received the Légion d’Honneur from French President Nicolas Sarkozy for her philanthropic and cultural contributions to France.


Hardback, 160 pages, 30,5 x 21,5 cm, over 100 colour illustrations, ISBN 978 2 955 278000
Available from selected bookshops in Paris, or order directly from the publisher.

“suzy@25” – a celebration of Suzy Menkes

A selection of more than 100 of Suzy Menkes’ articles from the International Herald Tribune’s (now International New York Times) archives of the last 25 years, chosen to represent “those moments when there is a sense that nothing... will ever be the same again”, the “game-changers” that have left an enduring impression on the fashion world. The themes and subjects covered include numerous shows by the major designers and couture houses as well as exhibitions, royalty, jewelery and accessories and more general trends and significant changes in the world of the fashion and luxury business over this period.

Extract from Suzy’s introduction:
“The real story of the last quarter century is of the overweening power of fashion, the ever-growing corporate control of brands and the dramatic challenge of the internet. […] If there have been new lands and new minds to conquer, there have also been a wider range of products. Much wider. To think that bag and shoe makers, not to mention milliners, were once — and not so long ago — separate trades. Now the branded bag is, of course, the great money-maker, with its success extended to shoes, fashion jewellery and hotels. […] Perhaps the most exciting part of my career is that, with the digital revolution exploding across cyberspace, there is so much more to come.”

Softbound, 200 pages, 30 cm x 23 cm, some copies still available from the publisher

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